Mo'Ne Davis Tugs on Feminist Heartstrings in New Ad

Just give me a second here… *Wiping tears away dramatically*….. *wiping some more*….. Before clicking play, I didn’t expect to be so moved by this
Chevrolet ad featuring Little League force Mo’Ne Davis (they’re purposefully playing on our emotions!), but it is indeed inspiring. And Spike Lee directed it.

This isn’t a Chevy endorsement; just an acknowledgement of Mo’Ne Davis’ strengths as a motivational speaker. In the minute-long ad, Davis dictates a letter to the good ole U.S. of A that starts out: “Dear United States of America, I am 13 years old. This summer was the best summer of my young life.” Watch it:

The tearjerker moment comes when she says:

“I have a passion. Every day of the week, I’m playing soccer, basketball or baseball. I stand for girls who want to play sports with the boys and to be a role model for people, young and old. I throw 70 miles per hour. That’s throwing like a girl!”

Tell ’em. There were fears that the commercial could adversely affect her college prospects, but ESPN writes:

Appearing in a commercial that aired during Game 1 of the World Series will not compromise the amateur status of Little League pitcher Mo’ne Davis should she choose to play college sports.

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