Morally Reprehensible Man Apologizes for the Millionth Time

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Morally Reprehensible Man Apologizes for the Millionth Time
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Celebrity columnist Perez Hilton is on yet another apology tour. As is often the case with apology tours, this one coincides with a book tour: Hilton’s new memoir, TMI: My Life in Scandal, hits shelves on Tuesday.

According to Page Six, Hilton spends much of the book confronting how he came to be so despised by so many people, something that truly does not require that much deep rumination. This blog has covered Hilton calling 15-year-old Miley Cyrus a “whore” (and later posting an upskirt pic of her at 17), calling other women “hos” and “dumb bitches,” and attempting to out celebrities as gay. So…yeah! He’s pretty widely disliked!

Adding to his laundry list of morally reprehensible behavior, in one revelation from his forthcoming memoir, Hilton admits to targeting Ariana Grande on his blog after she and her mother turned him down for a job consulting for the singer. “I was really hurt, so for years afterward I was super petty toward Ariana on my website and on social media,” he writes. “I regret that.”

He also regrets being rude to celebrities’ children, and all of the name-calling. Hilton says he’s seen the light now: “I now see that I never needed to be so mean or cruel. I would’ve been fine anyway, just by being who I was.”

The thing is, we’ve heard it all before. In 2010, Hilton said he would stop outing celebrities and scribbling semen over photos of women. In 2013, after becoming a father, Hilton said he had “a lot of regrets” and would try to turn over a new leaf. And in 2014, he pledged to stop publishing nude celebrity photos.

If the celebrity apology is a genre unto itself, the Perez Hilton apology is an entire subgenre—and one I’m going to call bullshit on every time.

The viral TikTok I mentioned last week—of a man on a skateboard drinking cran-raspberry juice and listening to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”—has put Fleetwood Mac back on the charts, where it currently sits at the no. 29 spot.

Streams of “Dreams” reportedly tripled in the three days after the video was posted, and there was a 1,137 percent surge in people Shazaming the song. Teens on TikTok: The song in this video is “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac!!

It’s been a long week, and the video is indeed a “whole vibe” so here it is again:

  • If Kristin, LC, Lo, and the rest (most) of the Laguna Beach crew get 500 people registered to vote they’ll host the first-ever reunion of the show since it ended two presidents ago. [People]
  • Vlogger Tana Mongeau may have lost her YouTube verification because she offered to send people nudes for free if they voted for Biden, a potential violation of U.S. election law. She also may have lost it because she briefly changed her display name. You decide! [TMZ]
  • Fans think Tyga self-leaked a dick pic to promote his new OnlyFans page. [Page Six]
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