Morrissey Slams Obama and U.S. Thanksgiving; Calls It "Thankskilling"

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Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner yesterday? Well, one celeb is not happy about it. Singer Morrissey took to his blog True To Self yesterday to decry the American tradition, in a blog post titled “Thankskilling.” The former lead singer of The Smiths took particular aim at President Barack Obama, and the annual tradition of “pardoning” a turkey, calling it “embarrassingly stupid”:

Please ignore the abysmal example set by President Obama who, in the name of Thanksgiving, supports torture as 45 million birds are horrifically abused; dragged through electrified stun baths, and then have their throats slit. And President Obama laughs. Haha, so funny!
As Ingrid Newkirk from PETA points out, turkey ‘meat’ is one of “our nation’s top killers”, causing heart-attacks and strokes in humans due to saturated animal fats and cholesterol. And President Obama laughs.

Well, can’t say I don’t have a lot of vegetarian and vegan friends that don’t have similar beliefs about eating meat. But Morrissey! Don’t be mad at Obama! Please. This makes me sad for some reason. [Rolling Stone]

Banksy-lite Justin Bieber graffiti-ed up another building, this time at a hotel in Australia. But despite government complaints, the hotel is all hahahaha awesome no we love it! Seriously. They called it ‘a piece of art.’ Sigh.

Also, in related drop-crotch wearer news, Bieber covers the latest edition of the Hollywood Reporter, with longtime manager Scooter Braun [INSERT A REALLY FUNNY JOKE ABOUT THE NAME SCOOTER THAT BURT COULDN’T THINK OF]. In a rather fascinating interview (yeah, I know, I was surprised I wrote that, too), Bieber says Will Smith of all people counsels him weekly. Also, in case you were wondering, he pretty much gives zero fucks about all the things you Judgey McJudgertons out there think:

“I don’t give a f—-.” Elaborates Bieber: “Not ‘I don’t give a f—-‘ to just be reckless and do whatever, but ‘I don’t give a f—- what they say.’ … I know who I am and what I’m doing in my life and what I’ve accomplished and continue to accomplish as a performer, as a writer, as an artist, as a person, as a human being. I’m happy with the man I’m becoming.”

Justin Bieber is happy about the man he’s becoming, everyone. And how’s your Friday morning shaping up so far? [Hollywood Reporter]

I need you to go read this profile on Boardwalk Empire star Jack Huston, who should be in all the things ever, please Hollywood; kthanx. [Salon]

I don’t know what’s going on here, but it got something to do with Kellan Lutz shirtless. [Just Jared]

Michael Jackson’s family is going all PLEASE STFU on former doctor Conrad Murray, presenting him with a cease and desist order to stop him from doing any more of those cringe worthy interviews about the late singer. GOOD. [Guardian]

Now that he is officially divorced, everyone is freaking out about how Ashton Kutcher could possibly maybe probably propose LITERALLY AT ANY MOMENT to Mila Kunis. AHHHHHH why am I excited about this? [People]

The lovely, talented and divinely funny Jean Kean, who played Trixie on The Honeymooners passed away on Thursday. Last year, she put on a one-woman show featuring a look back at her life’s work. She was 90. [New York Times]

Stanley Tucci is the coolest person alive. But you already knew that, so just go read this story about his overseas Thanksgiving to confirm it. [ABC News]

Kanye West vented on stage to an audience in Nashville about Nike Mark Parker and how he has ‘lost culture’ or something. And then later backstage Connie Britton was all “Kanye, this is just not how we do things…” See…because she’s on a show called Nashville…and…hello? Is this thing on? *taps mic* [Hollywood Reporter]

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