Naked Man Enjoys A Cigarette & Gets On Sex Offender Registry


• A 55-year-old British man was arrested and charged with shameless indecency after he was spotted by a neighbor jumping naked on his trampoline.

James Burden was reportedly smoking a cigarette and hanging out in his garden when the female witness spied him from her window. She says he was “as bold as brass and purposeful.” Burden explained to police that he was jumping nude “just for the thrill of it.” • The sleepy, touristy town of Rhinebeck, NY has become overwhelmed with Chelsea-mania, according to the New York Daily News. With the Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding just weeks away, locals are flipping out. “All anyone wants to talk about is the Chelsea wedding,” said a student. • The Teapartyers, that crazy fringe group that everyone basically wishes would disappear, now (potentially) has a song. And it’s called “I Am America.” You guys, shit is getting real. • A new survey found that a third of British women classify themselves as gamers. After speaking with 983 gamers, researchers from the University of Ghent found that “games are not well tuned to their interests.” But despite the stereotypes, many women don’t mind violence – just as long as it’s funny rather than realistic. • Bad news for my fellow worrywarts: the Huffington Post says it’s possible to become addicted to worrying. Apparently, this addiction is holding you back, keeping you from fulfilling your goals. The expert advice? Stop worrying. So that’s something else to stress about. • Want to marry into royalty? Here is a handy guide to the places where Prince William likes to go drinking. Though they favor exclusive, members-only clubs, “anyone of the right sort” can usually get in. • Juanita M. Kreps, the first female commerce secretary under President Jimmy Carter, has died at the age of 89. She passed away in Durham, N.C. of Alzheimer’s disease on July 5. • Two women have been appointed judges to Malaysia’s Islamic courts as part an an effort to address the gender imbalance in the judiciary. “The appointments were made to enhance justice in cases involving families and women’s rights and to meet current needs,” explained Premier Najib Razak. • A government task force is advising that all postmenopausal women get screened for osteoporosis. They also weighed in on whether man should be checked for the disease, but ultimately they decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to recommend either way. • When faced with a shortage of food, many Bangladeshi prostitutes are turning to cow steroids to help them look older and healthier. The drug, called Oradexon, is available on the street for less than $1 for 100 tablets. The drug, which adds weight to the face and body, has severe side effects including heart disease, obesity, kidney failure, osteoporosis and even heart failure. • According to a study published on Wednesday, German women don’t expect equal pay – or maybe they just don’t know how much they should be getting. When asked to name fair compensation for their work, the majority of women listed a salary that was lower for men for the same type of work. There is currently a 20% disparity between wages for men and women in the country. • A man from Texas has been arrested for secretly taping female friends in the changing into their swimsuits in his Burleson home. He has been charged with improper photography, and if convicted, Bryan Acton faces up to two years in prison. •

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