Natalie Walker Wants More Than Hollywood's Stereotypical Roles For Women


Natalie Walker is sick of Hollywood clichés.

After walking home from an acting audition in 2016, Walker posted a 12-second Twitter video with the caption, “Here is my audition to be in a movie as lady w British accent who so fiercely supports the difficult man she loves.”

The first video was inspired by the similarities between Keira Knightley’s character in The Imitation Game and Felicity Jones’s character in The Theory of Everything.

“I didn’t have that much of a following then and it was really for my fellow actor friends,” Walker told Jezebel. “It wasn’t viral by any stretch of the imagination but I got enough of a good response to it that I was like, ‘OK. Maybe I’ll keep doing these as just a fun way to put something out there other than just like shouting into the void how much I hate these tropes.’”

Over the past two years, Walker has continued to satirize the clichés that Hollywood too often relies on when writing female characters. Jezebel sat down with Walker ahead of the Academy Awards to see if any of the 2019 nominees fall into those worn-out stereotypes. Watch the video for more of her thoughts on the Oscars and the complexity of roles for women.

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