New Nike "Big Butts" Ad Is A Little Suspect


There’s some debate about the virtues of a Nike Women’s ad with an “ethnically ambiguous” model alongside a poem praising big butts, and the story is picking up steam. But we’re scratching our heads about it for a different reason:

Because it seems kinda fake. We could be wrong, but… take a close look. Is a gigantic multinational corporation really likely to let slip through an ad that misspells the word “ambassador”?

Also, except for the misspelling, the copy is identical to the famous ad campaign Nike did in 2005 (click to enlarge):

A sudden revival would be unusual, at least without some sort of meta-reference. We’ve contacted Nike’s media reps to see if our hunch is correct, or if their ad firm has just recently cut down on copy editors. Why someone would go out of their way to create a fake Nike ad is beyond us.

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