New Sexy Uniforms Give Flight Attendants Super Sexy Rash


Virgin Blue employees have recently complained about their brand new polyester uniforms, which have been giving them a “very painful” rash.

Flight attendants have complained to the CASA about discomfort over the 100% polyester lining, the paper reports. One unnamed flight attendant claimed the airline had put fashion ahead of comfort and safety, telling the paper: “In an emergency these garments will be a hindrance, as the arms cannot be lifted above shoulder height due to the ill-fitting design. And in the event of a fire, being 100 per cent polyester it would be like having plastic melted on to the skin.”

The 1960’s inspired outfits (designed by Project Runway: Australia alum Julie Grbac) debuted in February with a catwalk presentation starring Elle McPherson dressed as a hot ladypilot, who I’m sure was unaware of such pesky “hindrances” since she most likely wasn’t required to wear the outfits during or near a fire.

Virgin Blue Flight Attendants Not So Happy With Their Uniforms [HuffPo]

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