New Year, New You: Sarah Haskins Teaches You How To Diet


In the latest episode of Target: Women, Sarah Haskins muses, “Where can we find an array of tips on diet and exercise? Oh that’s right: Everywhere.”

Yes, the airwaves are full of helpful information on weight loss… even elephants are slimming down! Swap your Hot Pocket for a Lean Hot Pocket and check out the clip, below.

Plus! What did we learn in 2008? According to Sarah Haskins, women will dance for anything: Shoe insoles! Detergent! Chicken! Plus, we laugh so hard, sometimes we pee in our pants. Literally. Bladder leak alert! All this and more, in a bonus episode of Target: Women, below.

Target Women: Diets [Current]
Sarah Haskins Reviews 2008! [The F Word]

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