Newly Botoxed Rachel Zoe Tells Tyra She's Naturally Skeletal


Stylist to the underfed stars, Rachel Zoe, was on Tyra on Friday to promote her new book Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour. Team Chunk spokeswoman Tyra asked Rachel about the rumors that she supplied her skinny clients — like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie — with diet pills from Mexico (a tidbit that was on Rachel’s Wikipedia entry for a long time up until her book’s release). Of course Rachel denied the diet pill thing, and of course Tyra let her off the hook immediately. Way to stick up for the thick girls there, TyTy! Anyway, we’re pretty sure Rachel got some Botox (finally! she was bound to lose an accessory in those frown lines, they were so deep), and she’s unable to move her forehead. Take a look after the jump.

You can tell she’s really trying here, but those damn eyebrows just won’t budge.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Rachel last year and Rachel on the Tyra show:

But there are still traces of the old Rachel under her eyes and around her mouth.

And here’s Tyra wearing goggles, just for shits and giggles. But you know, mostly for the giggles.

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