News Crew Burned, Assaulted During Terrifying Visit to Haunted Home


Hey, were you planning on sleeping tonight? If so, you may want to just put on your “nope” hat and your “nope” overalls and “nope” your way right on out of here because what happened to a Pennsylvania news crew as they visited a home alleged to be haunted by evil spirits will terrify you. And that’s before they even get to the basement.

Seriously, if you’re easily spooked, you may be better off not watching the above video which starts as a fun “local color” feature about a supposedly haunted house that is due to appear on The Dead Files (full episode below)and ends with heavy doors closing by themselves, crew members being scratched and burned by invisible entities and a woman almost being pushed down the stairs by a hand that belongs to what the homeowner calls “The Shadow Man.” Nope, no, thank you. I will not be coming over for tea and cookies. And I will certainly not be visiting the basement of this house of horrors that can burn people at will No wonder the children of the owners have moved out and don’t visit.

Check out the video for yourself and let me know if what you’re seeing is making your blood run cold, too. Call me a wuss, but I’m not taking a shower until my partner comes home and can make certain there aren’t any ghosts around here. Also: Our house is totally haunted and I would tell you the story but I want to win the Halloween story contest this year. But it’s not as bad as this one.

Or this one:

Okay! Happy nightmares!

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