Nick Jonas Did A Striptease For A Thousand At Packed New York Gay Club

Nick Jonas apparently has a lot of gay fans, and he recently gave a whole lot of them a surprise striptease at the New York gay club BPM.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the former Jonas brother was the club’s special guest star and surprised the 1,000 partiers at BPM with a sexy unbuttoning, shirt tossing striptease to his new track, “Jealous.”

In addition to the normal sexy swinging and swaying (I don’t know what this dancing stuff is, but I people tell me it’s sexy?), he also did some martial arts moves because apparently that adds to the sex appeal and because he was just in the TV drama Kingdom which involves a lot of Kung Fu. Oh and flexing. Because flexing is really sexy.

…while the song blasted through the speakers, he unbuttoned his dress shirt and began flexing for the eager audience.

Jonas seems to really be looking at his gay fans as an important demographic. I can’t say I know much about the Jonas Brothers or about gay clubs. Although I do occasionally visit gay clubs with my gay male friends, my idea of a good time is more likely a small, chill lesbian bar with a low-key atmosphere and an L-shaped bar.

Jonas took to Twitter before the performance to remind his gay fans how much he loved them. Perhaps it was a hint that he’d be making an appearance.

Listen to “Jealous” here:

Image via Getty.

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