Nicki Minaj Is Not Happy With Her MTV VMA Nominations 


The 2015 MTV Video Music Award nominations were announced Tuesday and they were not to Nicki Minaj’s liking.

While her video for “Anaconda” did receive nominations for Best Female Video and Best Hip Hop Video, Nicki was shut out of both the Video of the Year race and Best Choreography. Additionally, “Feeling Myself,” her three-minute buddy comedy with Beyoncé, didn’t receive any nominations.

Never one to shy away from speaking her mind, Nicki took to Twitter to express her unhappiness and also throw a few jabs at Taylor Swift (maybe).

Let’s be honest, Nicki, you guys shot that video during the off-hours of Coachella after half a bottle of Hennessy. Maybe sit this battle out.

She goes on to suggest that if she were a different artist—and I think you can figure out what she means—”Anaconda” might have gotten more recognition.

Not sure I’d go to bat for that choreography, but she certainly deserves some sort of award for trying to teach all those awkward models how to twerk.

And then there’s the (probably) jab at Taylor Swift.

Considering the fact that the VMAs are essentially one big popularity contest—as opposed to based on the real merits of the music videos—I can sort of understand why Nicki would be upset. Like it or not, “Anaconda” was a very popular video.

On the other hand, this is the VMAs we’re talking about—who cares?


She’s still going.

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