Nicki Minaj Joins BTS's Freaky Neon K-Pop Universe For 'Idol'


BTS is a wildly popular K-pop group and the first to score two No. 1 albums on the Billboard charts since One Direction in 2014. Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, just saw her album Queen fail to reach No. 1 on the same chart, where it currently sits at No. 5.

But BTS might give her a little boost on the all important charts with a new version of their hit “Idol,” now featuring Minaj. The video for the song, which famously beat Taylor Swift for the most YouTube videos in 24 hours, also gets a revamp with a green-haired Nicki selfie-ing on a luxe couch. The whole video is genuinely gorgeous, an explosion of neon lighting and crazy animations that find the boy band dancing in an underwater cage in front of sharks, and it’s further proof that K-pop groups are seriously better at making music videos than American pop stars.

Minaj’s verse is fine, but given the disastrous rollout of her album, I wonder if BTS fans will gravitate towards the version with her on it. And while the pairing doesn’t make the most sense to me, Minaj loves a good collab, and if there’s anyone in pop to do one with right now, it’s BTS. Do NOT underestimate the power of K-pop!

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