Nicolas Cage's Hairline Denies Creeping on Vanessa Hudgens

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The Star reported that while filming the upcoming thriller Frozen Ground, Nicolas Cage freaked former Disney Pop Tart Vanessa Hudgens the fuck out to the point where “she begged directors to banish him from the set.” Sources close to Hudgens say that he would apparently show up to watch her on days where he wasn’t needed at work and make her “squirm” until she finally asked the director to intervene, being unable to concentrate on her performance as a stripper in the serial killer movie (also starring John Cusack). Both sides’ reps are decrying this as a tall tale, so basically this can just go down in the annals of True, False or Other but is a totally legitimate excuse to remind everyone about “NOT THE BEES! NOT THE BEES!”

[Gossip Cop]

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  • Annette Funicello is being sued by her neighbors for the damage they incurred during the iconic Mickey Mouse Club star’s house fire. [TMZ]
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