Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban's New (Sixth) Home


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban just dropped $10 million on a New York City duplex, complete with river views, a “sky garage” and two Kramer-esque neighbors: Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana. Let’s take a photo tour of their new pad.

The Real Estalker reports that Keith and Kidman have purchased a 3,248 square foot unit in 200 Eleventh Avenue for 20% off the $12,500,000 asking price. Sounds like a steal!

The floorplan shows 3 bedrooms, 3.5, bathrooms, and two loggias where they can enjoy views of the Hudson River and scenic New Jersey.

The building website shows the living room:

The kitchen:

And the bathroom:

These are just artist renderings, so imagine more Academy Awards and guitars strewn about the place. As for why there’s a car in the middle of their home, that’s the “En-Suite Sky Garage,” basically an elevator for your car that lets you park it on your floor. Total convenience!

Congrats to Keith and Nic. This is sure to be a lovely respite from their five other homes in Nashville, Beverly Hills, and various parts of Australia.

Keith And Kidman Get A New Krib In Manhattan [RealEstalker]
200 Eleventh Avenue

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