Notorious Scammer Anna Delvey Launches Another Scam… From Jail

The 31-year-old scam artist has, of course, announced she's joining the NFT game.

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Notorious Scammer Anna Delvey Launches Another Scam… From Jail
Image:TIMOTHY A. CLARY / Contributor (Getty Images)

Anna Delvey (a.k.a Anna Sorokin), the infamous swindler who’s determined to keep her name in the limelight, has set her sights on a brand new scam: NFTs. It was honestly only a matter of time before she joined the legion of celebrities trying to cash in on the digital craze where people buy random JPEGs, or whatever they are, for tons of money.

The 31-year-old fraudster has seemingly ditched her former dream of starting a law firm to focus on her original passion: art! If you purchase a Delvey NFT (“non-fungible token”) from “Reinventing Anna,” you’ll receive a real-life sketch by Delvey, a “personal item from her time in prison” (dude, what?) or—for 10 lucky customers—a one-on-one call with her.

The project’s website says that Delvey’s currently in “her prime,” and “many would say she’s already lived a million lives.” These lives include “fashion student, nightlife icon, curator, connector & critic, entrepreneur, visionary, go-getter, world traveler, and of course, Riker’s Island inmate #19G0366.” Oddly, “law firm owner” is not included.

“I’m very excited about the whole blockchain technology, and my NFTs are not NFTs in a traditional sense,” Delvey told WWD, during a phone call from the Orange County Correctional Facility. “It’s not a picture that I’m trying to sell. Pretty much all it does is provide personal access to me. It’s a way for me to connect with my fans.” Delvey trying to sell something that literally doesn’t exist sounds very familiar!

She also says the title “Reinventing Anna” is a twist on the Netflix series Inventing Anna. The show, which starred Julia Garner as Delvey, tells the story of how Delvey sold herself as a rich German socialite—with an unplaceable accent—and schemed her way into the lives and bank accounts of New York City’s elite. The new project’s title suggests she’s attempting to both rehabilitate and capitalize on her notorious image.

In April, Delvey held her first solo art show at the Public Hotel in New York City, titled… “Allegedly.” Jezebel’s Audra Heinrichs reported that one of the sketches “depicted a mock newspaper named The Delvey Crimes. The headline of the pseudo-periodical? ‘ADA: Instead of getting a job, she was too busy getting a blowout.’”

“I feel like there have been so many voices, and I guess what’s not being said in the media is that I have not really given any interviews until February last year. The story that’s been out there came largely from that one piece in New York Magazine,” Delvey told WWD. “I feel like I should be given a chance to tell my own story from my own perspective. This NFT project is hopefully the first of many.”

Delvey doesn’t have a great track record of things working out in her favor, but best of luck to her.

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