Now You Can Have Sex in Monica Lewinsky's Old Clinton-Era Clothes


We know you’ve always wanted to bump uglies with someone wearing Monica Lewinsky’s clothes. Or maybe you want to be wearing them yourself? It’s the ultimate intern-boss fantasy, except it’s hotter because it’s nastier and impeachment is an aphrodisiac. Now an online company is offering you the chance to be the Monica to your partner’s Mr. President for real.

32 items, ranging for Lewinky’s clothes from the Clinton presidency to “sealed and slightly crushed boxes of presidential M&Ms” are up for auction online until June 27. Unfortunately, none of the items happen to be a semen stained blue dress (so no, you cannot try to steal more than decade-old crusty semen to try to inseminate someone with “America’s Devil Child”).

All of the items have legal significance as they were used by former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr in his case of impeachment against Bill Clinton.

Nate D Sanders, the site that is auctioning off the Lewinsky lot, received the items via Andy Bleiler’s ex-wife, Kate Nason. Just in case you forgot your Clinton Blowjob trivia, Bleiler was Lewinsky’s high school teacher; the two had a five-year affair.

Apparently Lewinsky decided to send the Belielers a ton of stuff, including signed letters by the Clintons and her DKNY clothes (the brand most trusted by interns engaging in political sex scandals). So far, only one person has bid on the entire Lewinsky lot for the minimum amount of $2,500.

If you want to see and read in detail the 32 items up for sale, you can visit the Nate D Sanders’ site.

Who in the entire animal kingdom will bid for any of these items? Probably a mix of Republicans looking to either own a piece of history integral to destroying a Democratic presidency, or a crew of Republicans needing inspiration for Democrat hate-sex role play.

Gross Monica Lewinsky Items To Be Auctioned Off: Sorry, Blue Dress Not Included [Media Bistro/Fishbowl DC]

Photo by Charles Rex Arbogast/AP

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