Oaksterdam University: The Marijuana College


Last night’s Taboo focused on narcotics, and naturally, explored the legalization of medical marijuana in California. In 2007, Richard Lee founded Oaksterdam University, which goes beyond horticulture, and bases its curriculum on the entire cannabis trade.

At Oaksterdam, students learn not only the methods of growing marijuana, but how to market it, and recipes for baking it into tasty cookies are also taught. And while they are getting an education in selling the drug, most of the students at Oaksterdam have prescriptions for medical marijuana, meaning that they clearly have not listened to Biggie’s “Ten Crack Commandments.” (“Number Four: know you heard this before/ Never get high on your own supply.”)

This 56-year-old woman was diagnosed with MS and uses medical marijuana to manage the pain associated with her condition. She smokes up to eight joints a day, but does not want to be viewed as a pothead. Suggestion: Stop wearing tie-dyed shirts with peace signs on them.

And now for the buzz kill.

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