Of Course Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Co-Abuser, Wants Money From His Estate

Of Course Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Co-Abuser, Wants Money From His Estate

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s associate and alleged facilitator of his sex trafficking, has sued the late sexual predator in an effort to defend herself against allegations that she both helped recruit underage girls and actively participated in Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring, The Guardian reports.

Maxwell filed the complaint in the US Virgin Islands—notably close to Epstein’s “pedophile island,” as the locals called it—stipulating that she had “no involvement in or knowledge of Epstein’s alleged misconduct” and now “receives regular threats to her life and safety.” The suit also argues that Maxwell should recoup legal fees from his estate, since “Epstein promised Maxwell that he would support her financially. Epstein made these promises to Maxwell repeatedly, both in writing and in conversation.” Ain’t that rich.

Last summer, around the same time of Epstein’s death, reports trickled out suggesting that Maxwell was more than just a former girlfriend and employee of Epstein—she, too, faced numerous accusations of sexual abuse. In August 2019, The New York Times published a piece that alleged that Maxwell may have both recruited underage girls for Epstein and abused them herself. That she is now suing his estate is nothing short of appalling.

According to ABC News, Maxwell is currently under federal investigation for her alleged role in Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring. She’s also a named defendant in three lawsuits in New York, filed by three Epstein victims. In the case of Annie Farmer, who claims Maxwell recruited her to Epstein’s New Mexico when she was 16, the court has imposed a deadline for Maxwell to respond by March 27. Let’s see if that happens.

One of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Giuffre, who said Maxwell recruited her into a trafficking ring, tweeted that she hopes the judge laughs her “out of court and into jail.” Well said.

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