Oh, John Mulaney and Olivia Munn’s Relationship Is Facing ‘Uncertainty’?

Here's a twist absolutely no one saw coming!!!!!!!

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Oh, John Mulaney and Olivia Munn’s Relationship Is Facing ‘Uncertainty’?
Image:Amy Sussman, Fraser Harrison (Getty Images)

Here’s an intriguing bit of information about a relationship that is somehow still ongoing, though I can’t imagine how: Olivia Munn and John Mulaney are staring down the barrel of an “unknown future,” because their relationship is “imperfect.” Hm! You don’t say!

According to an “insider,” their relationship has moved at such a breakneck speed that they haven’t even had time to sit down and figure out what they’d want their life together to look like. Interesting. They started dating in May, a huge coup for Munn, who had apparently been trying to get at this man for years. In September, Mulaney announced they were having a baby. Okay. And now, in the last week of October, someone is running their mouths to the tabloids about how this shit isn’t quite built to last.

“This has been an imperfect relationship from the start,” said the source to Us Weekly, in a statement so obvious that I am surprised someone felt compelled to say it out loud. The same source is certain that Munn and Mulaney will be “great parents” to their forthcoming child, but did not express much confidence in the longevity of their romantic partnership.

Here’s that “insider:”

“Olivia and John still have to decide what kind of future they’re going to have together, if any,” the insider explains. “It’s a time of uncertainty, for both of them.”
The parents-to-be “are a long way from deciding and locking in what their relationship is going to be going forward.”

Yes, again, none of this is particularly surprising! Unfortunately, I must make you aware of this sweaty man on TikTok, who is claiming that the two have already broken up, but has done nothing to back up his claims.

So there it is. A sweaty man with a hunch plus an “insider” with ulterior motives equals the likely end of this relationship, perhaps before Thanksgiving. If they make it that far, I’ll be impressed. [Us Weekly]

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