Oh, Trump's a Hypocrite? Weird


Big wheels keep on turning. Proud Mary keep on burning. And we’re rolling. Rolling. Rolling down the river.

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • President Donald Trump is apparently not a man of his word or of knowable moral character, and who knew? He spoke at a rally Erie, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, as part of the Republicans’ home-stretch midterms strategy, while Hurricane Michael pummeled Florida. In 2012, he once criticized then-President Barack Obama for campaigning during Hurricane Sandy. [AP, Washington Post]
  • Trump doesn’t see any good reason to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia, despite the country’s alleged role in the disappearance of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. [Politico]
  • We’re less than a month out from midterm elections, and Facebook is still purging fake news accounts from the platform. [CNN]
  • Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas casino fame just gave the GOP tens of millions of dollars. [Politico]
  • The Arkansas supreme court is keeping a voter ID law that’s basically the same as an old voter ID law that was struck down in 2014. [AP]
  • One small good thing! Premiums are expected to go down a little bit next year, for the first time in the Affordable Care Act’s history! Partly because they were jacked up to begin with. [Axios]
  • Ratings for Trump’s televised rallies are so bad that sometimes Fox News won’t even air the whole thing. [Politico]
  • Federal authorities say they have arrested a man suspected of planning to blow himself up at the National Mall on election day. [Rockland/Westchester Journal News]
  • The head spokesperson for the Baltimore police department has stepped down, after a PR kerfuffle surrounding a fight that broke out between an officer and the interim commissioner’s chief of staff, who is being considered for the commissioner position. “With some of the nasty mudslinging that’s taken place, I just don’t want to continue being a part of it,” T.J. Smith said. [Baltimore Sun]
  • SIGH, a white man has been hired to head up a new program named after Gwen Ifill at Simmons University, and whoever made that hiring decision should have asked me about it beforehand, because that is like the most easily avoidable mistake. [Baltimore Sun]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:

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