Old Spice Guy's Crotch Offering Flusters Hoda Kotb


Isaiah Mustafa, the man your man could smell like, was on the Today Show this morning. His presence seems to have subtly unnerved Hoda Kotb. Let’s go to the tape!

First of all: His body language — which an animal behaviorist might call “crotch offering” — would fluster any gal. But poor Hoda!

Please take note of how she rakes her hand through her hair — twice — as she smiles at him. Tossing, touching or stroking the hair is a preening gesture; an invitation to flirt. Then, when he says he has a girlfriend, Hoda is visibly upset. “You see,” she says, “That’s not what you said before.” She looks off the set — perhaps to the producers? — while covering her mouth in shock. Then she tries to recover. Hoda, we understand. He is smokin’ hot. Sigh! Stay tuned — the end of the clip features a new Old Spice spot, in which Mustafa is mustachioed.

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