Oohs, Aahs & WTF's At Fashion Dinner For AIDS


Dita, Mischa, Diane, Milla and Carla all showed for the Fashion Dinner for Aids at Paris’ Pavillon d’Armenonville. The result? A lot of chic, and a whole lotta bizarre.

The Good:

It was impossible to find a pic of Carla Bruni Sarkozy where she wasn’t surrounded by adoring men; doesn’t she look First Lady perfection?

Milla Jovovich’s belt gave me pause, but the woman still looks incredible.

Clemence Poesie can rock a ballgown like nobody’s business when she feels like it; I dig that this time she just opted to make everyone else look fussy!

The Bad:

Diane “Helen of Troy” Kruger opts for a sack.

Dita, I adore you, but this china shepherdess number just isn’t cutting it!

From the waist down, Mischa Barton‘s gown is divine. From the waist up? She pillaged Michael’s!

Mareva Galanter, we get it: AIDS function, Keith Harring print.

At least Sasha’s getup is a 15-year-old goth’s idea of perfection!

Images via Getty]

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