Oprah Changed Her Duvet Cover

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Oprah Changed Her Duvet Cover
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We’re all really bored, okay? And there’s no better evidence of that than the fact that I’ve watched this video of Oprah struggling to put her duvet inside its cover at least three times now. I’ve never owned a duvet, but I have put fitted sheets on beds hundreds of times, so I think I can sympathize with this particular linens-related predicament.

Describing this video, a CNN article stated: “It’s like watching a giraffe trying to twirl spaghetti.” Perhaps a bit rude, but definitely not incorrect.

It’s no secret that the celebrities don’t know what to do with themselves now that we’re all stuck inside, and us regular people are beginning to realize that they’re not so interesting after all. But there is something perversely fascinating about watching people so wealthy that they don’t have to do normal household tasks attempt to complete a task as simple as making their bed. I’m not sure if it’s just a general delight at their ineptitude or the smugness of realizing you’re better equipped to survive the apocalypse than the millionaires of the world, but next, I’d like to request a video of Gigi Hadid washing the dishes. [CNN]

LisaRaye McCoy doesn’t see the big deal with famous people having their hair and makeup teams make house calls—even though doing so in most states right now would break social distancing guidelines. Her reasoning is simple: celebrities are simply on a “different level” than regular people.

“I do not think it’s an unfair advantage for celebrities to get their hair [and] nails done at home, because I feel like we are all at different levels,” the “Players Club” star told Page Six Style.

Did she just call us all peasants?

“So what — if you can’t drink champagne, I can’t drink champagne? If I can afford it, I can do anything I want.”

In other words, it’s not Ms. McCoy’s fault if you’re broke, but please don’t let your lack of money interfere with her spending her money exactly how she wants, public health be damned. Definitely not the most sensitive take during a time when 30 million people across the country have filed for unemployment since March.

Added the actress, 52: “The grocery stores are more dangerous to go to than somebody’s home, so to each their own.”

Let’s take a moment to point out the obvious holes in this statement. Not only is it significantly easier to stay 6 feet away from other people in public spaces like the grocery store than when they’re standing in your bathroom and literally have their hands buried in your hair, but unless every single member of your glam team is exclusively primping you, letting people into your home who don’t live there inevitably exposes you to new germs. Besides, I can sanitize my oat milk—not sure it’s that easy when it comes to skin-to-skin contact.

In her conversation with Page Six Style, McCoy also mentioned some of the at-home beauty treatments she was trying out.

The Chicago native also uses cucumber slices on her eyes — “because when you lay around a lot, you can start looking weary and tired” — as well as ice and aloe vera to keep her complexion from getting flushed.

God, it must be very difficult, looking so weary from all that laying around at home while asking your glam team to risk their well-being to do your nails. [Page Six]

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