Our Pal Lindy West Is Dropping Two More Books!


Lindy West—author, New York Times columnist, former Jezebel staffer and crafter of excellent headlines—is releasing two new books, one in 2018, and we could not be more psyched.

As a follow-up to Shrill, her characteristically funny and emotionally resonant memoir, she’ll first release a book of “cultural critique that examines how we arrived at this moment in history, ‘to make some sense of this horrifying quagmire in which we find ourselves,’” reads publisher Hachette’s press release, “laying out Lindy’s grand theory of America: seemingly disparate or even insignificant threads from throughout the past few hundred years gathered into one sprawling, funny, illuminating tapestry.” Hoping for actual witches this go-round!

For the second book, which will also be published by Hachette at a future date, West will be doing more film criticism—she used to be the film editor at The Stranger, dontcha know—and will revisit some of her funniest and most too-real film reviews, including this Love Actually guy on Jezebel, which all of you like to reread 100 times per person every holiday season. She’ll also continue in that tradition by rewatching even more shitty movies for your edification, so that you do not have to. So in essence it’s a humanitarian effort as well as an entertaining one.

Neither of these books have titles yet! I am confident she will ultimately choose a couple of great ones! Go Lindy West!

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