Pageant Director Cons Parents On Toddlers & Tiaras


On last night’s episode, Lisa Fulgham, the director of a child beauty pageant, collected between $15,000 – $20,000 in entry fees, and then left before crowning, without paying her bills or leaving any money for the winning contestants.

The event was not well-organized, and ended up running about two and half hours behind schedule. The two-year-old children in wigs, full makeup, false lashes, and butt glue to began to get cranky, which in turn aggravated the parents, who annoyed Lisa with their questions about when the pageant would resume. Lisa expressed in an interview that child pageants bring out the worst in the parents, and that “these people drive [her] fucking crazy.”

Before crowning, Lisa was nowhere to be found. Letters were issued to the parents, informing them that the cash prizes would not be awarded at the event, and they would instead receive IOUs. In addition, the category prizes were dropped from the pageant altogether, with only the main titles being called out. According to one of the makeup artists at the event, Lisa had not only left with the prize money, but also without paying her bill at the venue.

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