Paraplegic Groom Surprises Bride With Wedding Dance


The wedding may have happened four months ago, but the video, which will likely bring a tear of joy to your eye, is just heating up now. And if you don’t have a handkerchief handy, you might want to get one now. Trust me, it’s pretty beautiful.

Sergeant Joey and Michelle Johnson shared two things before they even met: A last name and a birthday — June 29th. The pair married the day before their birthday this year and while the event was special for many reasons, the most special of all was the fact that the groom, who had lost the use of his legs after a motorcycle accident (he rode them as a way to relieve symptoms of PTSD) four months after the pair met, stood to dance with his bride via a system that he and his friends had created for the very purpose.

People reports that the moment was emotional for all at the wedding: “Everyone was crying in the room,” Michelle said of the big moment. “It was so amazing to be eye to eye with him again, and such a dream come true.”

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