People: Please Shut Up About Diablo Cody's Sex Work Already


Oscar-winner Diablo Cody turned up on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote her highly-rated (if critically-panned) series The United States of Tara…and, as usual, she was asked about her stint as a stripper.

For whatever reason, Cody inspires curiosity and strong feelings (positive/negative) in people who care about the entertainment industry, but at this point — two years after both the release of her first book and the premiere of Juno, and almost a year after she won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay — she’s an established success… as a screenwriter. People need to give the woman some credit for her current career, and interviewers (especially late-night talk show hosts) need to stop asking her about her brief stint in the sex industry. The continued attention to this issue reduces her to a cute, sex (anecdote) machine and distracts from the fact that she’s a success in a segment of an industry not known for its positive representations of women — behind the keyboard or on-screen. Who knows, maybe Diablo Cody and her handlers don’t mind the continued fuss; after all, sex sells. But it’s getting annoying.

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