Pharrell’s 24-Hour Music Video Is 10 Hours in and Still Going Strong


At midnight, Pharrell launched “the world’s first 24 hour music video” for “Happy,” his insanely catchy song for Despicable Me 2. The song itself is roughly four minutes, which means that this song will play somewhere around 360 times with a different person dancing around each time! Of course, Pharrell is back at the top of every hour just to remind you who brought you this miracle of technology and music.

Some Highlights:

12:50—Motorcycle Gang

2:41—Some epic flexing

3:34—Ribbon twirling!

5:32—Minions from Despicable

9:09—Couple slow Lindy Hopping

9:28—Woman in a electric wheelchair with an umbrella

Watch and enjoy!

[Update: Just a heads up! This is one music video that lasts 24 hours. While it automatically matches up as close as possible to your current time, you can skip to any part/time of day in the video and enjoy the song.]

[24 Hours of Happy]

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