Piers Morgan Asks Condi Rice If She "Dreams Of A Fairytale Wedding"


We get “humanizing” questions. We get “human interest” questions. But then there are insulting questions that we can’t imagine Piers would direct at, say, Warren Christopher. Questions like, “are you high-maintenance?”

We’re assuming Morgan does, at some point, delve into the Iraq War, the foibles of the Bush administration, Rice’s distinguished academic career and her current occupations. But what we know for a fact is that he addresses the following burning issues — while smirking, naturally:

“I can’t imagine you being a subservient wife,”

“If you were cooking me a meal, what would you cook?”

“Are you romantic?”

And, the creepy coupe de grace, “If I was going to woo you, how would I do that?”

What, nothing about shoes? I mean, you can’t squander these opportunities! Oh, and Piers: find out where your guests live before you interview them.

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