Please, I Beg You, a Moratorium on Even Joking About Celebrities Running for President

Please, I Beg You, a Moratorium on Even Joking About Celebrities Running for President
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It is not exactly a surprise that Kanye West is “running” for “president,” something he’s been threatening to do since 2015. Kanye West loves attention, and so it is only fitting that he follow in the footsteps of some other attention-loving “celebrities” and try to ruin our lives for several months to eight-plus years. And yet, despite everything we’ve learned about ourselves as a society, people are still out here joking (or not joking!) about trying to convince other celebrities to run for president. Stop this!!!

For instance, Billboard reports that Taylor Swift fans are trying to get her to run for president, a likely callback to the time West infamously jumped onstage at the MTV Awards to dis her Best Album win. “How about taylor swift as the president and selena gomez as vice president?” one fan tweeted. “okay so i need @JoeBiden to announce @taylorswift13 as his vice-president in order to defeat Kanye West & Trump. enough is enough. we’re tired af,” wrote another. A third wrote, “@taylorswift13 running for president, and winning obvi, would honestly be the end of all the kimye drama.”

Listen, I like Taylor Swift’s music as much as the next white girl full of feelings, and I appreciate her newfound commitment to being politically vocal. But for every joking or half-joking or dead serious Taylor Swift 2020 and Oprah 2020 and The Rock 2020, we get an actual, mind-numbingly stupid Kanye 2020, just as we got an actual, nation-dismantling Donald Trump 2016. Celebrities are sometimes (but not always!) good at using their massive platforms to advocate for political causes, but that does not mean they would be good at running the damn country, and even off-handedly talking about putting them in power clears the way for impending disaster.

Please, I beg you, none of this (via Billboard):

Screenshot:via Billboard (Fair Use)


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