Police Department Shares Employee Bra Sizes With Entire Staff


The Detroit Police Department has a public relations snafu on their hands right now. A commander named Dwayne Love accidentally forwarded a document to all of their colleagues, which contained the bra sizes, height and weight of female officers who would be receiving new bulletproof vests.

According to The Telegraph:

Now several female police officers are reportedly filing grievances against the department, enraged that the dimensions of their curves are now common knowledge on the force.

Dimensions of their curves.

Sorry, carrying on. Commander Love is apologizing and will be disciplined for what was clearly a mistake, and so that should be the end of this story. Except for all the other dudes in the office who have reportedly been ridiculing the women in question, prompting a few female police officers to file an EEOC complaint and grievances against the department with the help of their union, reports Detroit’s local FOX affiliate.

The Detroit Police Department: Just like middle school but with even less accountability.

[The Telegraph and My Fox Detroit]

Image via Paul Sancya/AP

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