Police Documents Reveal Horrifying Details of Christy Mack's Assault


The good news is that War Machine has been captured. The bad news is that the damage he did to Christy Mack is so unspeakably awful that even reading the following police documents will make your blood boil to dangerous levels.

Uproxx reports that the documents have been made public and that War Machine is being investigated for the following crimes relating to the domestic violence and attempted murder he perpetrated against Mack and the beating that he gave to Corey Thomas, the man he discovered with her.

– 1 count battery with substantial bodily harm
– 1 count strangulation
– 2 counts battery with substantial bodily harm (domestic violence related)
– 1 count kidnapping (domestic violence related)
– 1 count open and gross lewdness (domestic violence related)
– 1 count attempted murder (domestic violence related)

The full report, which can be seen below, goes into intricate detail of what happened on the night of the assault, including the fact that Thomas (who many have been blaming for not calling the police as soon as he escaped) did call authorities as soon as he was able. Uproxx reports that the account of the abuse is so chilling (At one point War Machine stated: “that’s my pussy and I’m going to take it back now”) that it’s clear that Mack would have likely been dead if she didn’t escape during the assault. I’m absolutely inclined to agree because the physical and psychological harm that War Machine visited on his former girlfriend is so awful that I can’t believe he meant for her to live through it.

The document is both anger-making and heartbreaking. Reading through the violence perpetrated against Mack in full detail and learning that War Machine took her phone, went through her social media accounts (while she was bleeding and injured) and then continued to beat her every time he found something he didn’t like is gut-wrenching. And while I would never suggest that Mack should be used as an example of what domestic violence looks like, I will say that this case is an important reminder that domestic violence can occur in any relationship and that it shouldn’t take a high-profile case like this to continue the fight against it.

The fundraiser for Mack’s medical expenses has already reached over $75,000 and a plastic surgeon has offered to provide facial reconstruction surgery to Mack at no cost. Mack has yet to respond to this offer, but Harrison H. Lee, the surgeon who wants to provide his services has stated that he feels that he has a “special responsibility” to assist Mack due to the fact that “he’s trained in mixed martial arts, and knows the discipline shouldn’t be abused.”

War Machine Summons and Complaint