Pool Party at Barack and Michelle's!

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Just in time for summer—if summer ever comes, that is—Barack and Michelle Obama are putting in a pool! TMZ is reporting the couple’s $8.1 million Washington D.C. home “is undergoing construction for a new swimming pool” as I type this.

That’s it! That’s the news: Barack and Michelle are putting in a pool, I’m happy for them, Sasha is happier, and at least 73.5 million people want invites to their first summer BBQ.


E! Online published what seemed like a cute story entitled “How Sam Hunt Continues to Win Over His Wife’s Heart,” so I clicked it, only to find that it was anything but.

“One year ago today, Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler [note: I don’t know her] officially became husband and wife when they exchanged vows in the country singer’s hometown in Georgia,” they write. Aww, sweet! Right? Not really! Let’s move a little further down:

During a time when the pair was broken up, Sam made it his mission to win her back. So how did he do it? Persistence and not taking no for an answer.
“I think last summer I went out [to Hawaii] about seven times in about three months, trying to talk to her about coming back,” Sam told Entertainment Tonight at the CMT Awards in June 2017. “And the seventh trip I convinced her.”

Hounding someone until they cave isn’t something that warms my heart, Sam Hunt.

[E! Online]

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