Posh Hoping To Get Pregnant; Lindsay Lohan Is Broke

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  • Victoria Beckham is “fattening herself up” so that she can get pregnant.

A “family friend” says: “It’s no secret Victoria and David want a little girl.” Does Whoopi know about this? [The Sun]

  • Lindsay Lohan is broke, two months behind on rent and not earning any income at the moment. [TMZ]
  • Michael Lohan says he has to Tweet and text with his daughter, to get his point across. “I’m not going to sit back and watch my daughter die or fall victim to something that so many other kids did,” he said in an interview. “She’s going to rehab, there’s no doubt.” [E!]
  • Apparently at the Star Young Hollywood party, Perez Hilton went on stage and said, “a minute of silence for Lindsay Lohan” — not realizing that Lindsay was in the audience. According to this report, “Everybody cringed, but Lindsay seemed dazed and just stared into space.” [Page Six]
  • After leaving Sony, Jennifer Lopez is signing with a new record label, Def Jam. But a source says: “People are saying that Jennifer is past her prime and her best work is behind her.” Can you believe that “Waiting For Tonight” came out 11 years ago? [Gatecrasher]
  • Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus‘s boyfriend and Last Song costar, says of the Cyruses: “I love their family. Her parents are great [and] they’re very friendly people.” Her last boyfriend was like this too, huh? Date the girl, date the fam. [People]
  • Jesse James was cited for vandalism after last week’s incident in which he confronted a paparazzo sitting in an SUV outside of his business; two tires on the vehicle were slashed, a door was dented and a window was scratched. Allegedly. [CNN]
  • Jesse James got one of his “mistresses” pregnant, but she did not have the baby. [Radar Online]
  • Jesse‘s lawyer says: “Jesse is in love with Sandra. The single most important thing to Mr. James and the children is that the marriage somehow survive.” [AP]
  • According to this report, Jesse cheated on Sandra mere weeks into their marriage. [Radar Online]
  • After 16 years (!!!) on the show, S. Epatha Merkeson has decided to leave Law & Order. She gave producers enough warning so that the writers can give her character a proper finale. “It’s a graceful way to go,” she says. “It’s time to move on. I’m doing other things and this will be a great way to leave what has been an extraordinary gig.” [New York Mag]
  • Part of the stage for an Elton John concert in Mexico collapsed as it was being built, injuring three workers. [Mirror]
  • Nicole Richie hacked Kim Kardashian‘s Twitter account as an April Fool’s joke. [ONTD]
  • Yesterday for April Fool’s, Funny Or Die Became Bieber Or Die, with Justin Bieber‘s face plastered all over it. [NY Daily News]
  • Behold: PIctures of Justin Bieber when he was even younger than he is now. [ONTD]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow loves Jamie Oliver! In an interview she asked him, “What is it like being so brilliant and so cute all at the same time?” [Telegraph]
  • Why does Tiger Woods‘ kindergarten teacher need to have a press conference? [TMZ]
  • Janet Jackson will be on Oprah today, talking about Why DId I Get Married Too? and the death of her brother, Michael Jackson. [MSNBC Scoop]
  • Apparently Janet tells Oprah that her brother was “very much in denial” about his addiction to prescription medications. Janet says the family “tried several times” to confront him or have an intervention. [Access Hollywood]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray is asking the court not to revoke his medical license; his lawyers argue: “His ability to pay for his own defense depends almost entirely on his ability to continue to treat patients.” [AFP]
  • Charlie Sheen is leaving Two And A Half Men, according to a set source. “Charlie’s just done.” Will they replace him? Cancel the show? Call it One And A Half Men? [People]
  • This report claims that Charlie Sheen is making so much money he would never walk away from the show. [TMZ]
  • Ivanka Trump‘s stalker: Free on bail. [AP, TMZ]
  • Jill Scott looks happy and gorgeous on the cover of the new issue of Essence! [The Life Files]
  • Tinsley Mortimer is seeing nightlife impresario Brian Mazza, whom she met while filming High Society. He says: “What started out as a reality show stunt has turned into a real relationship.” [Page Six]
  • Kelly Rowland wants to be like Lady Gaga — and have lots of product placement in her new video. [Page Six]
  • Q: You head to Hades in this film. Do you believe in the afterlife? Sam Worthington: “I’m not going to say, because if I get up to heaven and there’s a big dude – some eight-foot tall guy with a stick and he says, ‘You didn’t believe in me did you mate?’ I’m screwed. And if I go to hell I should be okay because all my mates will be there with me. But I do believe in something. There has got to be something bigger than us.” Q: That would be James Cameron, right? Worthington: “He’s definitely my God.” [Time]
  • Q: How does it feel to be mentioned in a Bob Dylan song? Alicia Keys: “Everybody asks me that. He’s a legendary songwriter, and to be part of someone’s song is a big deal. I never knew where it came from. I don’t think anyone does. I don’t think he’ll ever tell.” [Time]
  • Shannen Doherty has tax issues. [TMZ]
  • Olivia Newton-John‘s ex-boyfriend, Patrick McDermott, who vanished five years ago, is alive and living on a boat off the coast of Mexico. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Robin Williams‘s redneck gibe sets off a global chain of offense.” [Times Of London]
  • “I’d been staring at myself in the bathroom mirror for two days straight. Two days. A gun was in my hand, my finger was on the trigger and I was thinking, ‘It would be so easy’. I just sat there, popping half a Xanax at a time – not the little pills, but those big horse-pill Xanax – and washing them down with the Captain Morgan rum I’d set on the counter. I hit bottom and I stayed there for two straight days. That voice in my head would not stop, ‘Maybe I should do it. Only cowards commit suicide. My family would be better off without me. What about the kids. I’m gonna do this. Just pull the trigger. Why not end it. Just do it Hogan. Do it’.” — Hulk Hogan on the day he “unraveled.” [The Sun]
  • “I’m just a purist. I know it is fascinating to people, but I never ascribed that you should have a documentary about the making of a film. Films were meant to be a kind of magic that transports you somewhere else because you can imagine on your own and not have everything spelled out about this trick and this explosion. I would be just fine with none of that.” — Robert Redford doesn’t like when DVDs come with “behind the scenes” and “making of” featurettes. [USA Today]
  • “Do you know what, actually I always refer to Victoria… You’d get this very black or white feeling, either absolute adoration or not. She knows that, she’s like Marmite… You either love her or you hate her.” — Geri “Ginger Spice” Halliwell on Victoria Beckham. [Daily Mail]
  • “Yeah, I really love Gaga, yeah, she’s a sweetheart, which I was really happy—very pleased to see, because that’s not always the case, when you meet them. You can enjoy their work but it’s not always so pleasant when you get to know the personality and she truly is a sweetheart and a very hard worker. I worry about her because she works so hard and I told her, I think she needs to slow down just a little bit and take some time out for herself.” — Janet Jackson on Lady Gaga. [Perez]
  • “What I love about this character is everything’s real. At one point she says that all the men out there are either broken, gay or getting younger girls. It would be really scary if I had to go back out there again. It’s hard. Getting older is hard anyway.” — Courteney Cox on her Cougar Town role. [Daily Mail]
  • “It’s a very tricky thing when you play a character who is so recognized. I feel I disappoint people when I am not Samantha. They seem surprised when I don’t have the same voice and the same mannerisms. They were booking Samantha, and I would show up.” — Kim Cattrall. [NY Times]
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