Praise Your Toothy Vagina With Big Momma's New Video, 'Dentata'


Big Momma is a deeply talented firecracker of a native Floridian who raps like his life depends upon it, and ours. “Dentata,” from his excellent 2014 release The Plague, is a message to all the hot boyz out there that his toothy vagine is gonna snap on dat, and it will not be one bit unpleasant. You can relate, no?

For the video, debuting here for the first time, Momma is cool as hell as la glorious goth Virgen tempting all comers with bedroom eyes and serious flow, juxtaposing intimate bathtub experiences with watching his disciples suck down cake. Directed by Ana Vasquez and John Ryan Manning, I am in love with the video as much as I am the song—the crisp visuals enhance the deep siren on the hook, and augment the lyrical sense of TEMPTATIONNN. It also makes sense that Momma would want a beautiful video because he started out as a designer and t-shirt maker with an eye for excellence—I would like to break the fourth wall right now to thank him for making this combination Golden Girls/Lil Kim shirt that I bought on the internet about a year ago and is a huge hit with my friends and at parties.

Also, I am not an advocate of tattoos or any other major bodily or surgeratic alterations “DOWN THERE,” but I think if you were going to get a labial or ballsac tat, it would be cool to ink the hook: “He think he be my love but he bout to be my victim/my cookie she’s so warm and so sweet/I shoulda warned you baby boy but my vagina got teeth.” VAGINADENTATAVAGINADENTATAVAGINA. Big Momma will have a new EP entitled MILF later this year, and you can grab his existent music here. Cop that cause it is awesome.

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