Pretty Wild: How Partying In Cabo Helps Haiti


On last night’s episode, the girls were hired for a nightclub event and a bikini shoot in Cabo San Lucas that somehow benefited Hope for Haiti. Alexis—who’s facing first-degree felony robbery charges—left the country against her lawyer’s advice.

I really don’t understand how this benefits anyone, other than Alexis and Tess, and maybe a couple of guys who—for some reason—can’t get their hands on porn while in Cabo.

Before leaving, Alexis’ mother expressed “concern” about her daughter—who has been charged with first-degree felony robbery of Orlando Bloom’s home—leaving the country. She had Alexis call her lawyer, who advised against the trip, but the girls figured he was just being overly cautious. Does anyone know anything about criminal law? Are people who are charged with first-degree felonies allowed to leave the country without first getting special permission? I’m just trying to figure out if this whole lawyer subplot is a machination on the part of the show in order to show Alexis’ “problems.”

While in Mexico, Alexis met a guy (with an American accent) named Javier. They went on a date and she really liked him. However, Tess received a text message from TMZ (if the paparazzi are ruining their lives, why does she have people from TMZ saved in her phone!?) asking if the girls were in Cabo. She said yes, and then TMZ supposedly forwarded her text to Alexis’ lawyer, who ordered her to return home one day early. Alexis cried over how her life is being ruined by this court case. (However, wouldn’t she have never been invited for an all-expense paid trip to Cabo if she hadn’t been arrested?)

On the previews for next week’s episode, Alexis is over-the-moon about the fact that she’s featured in Vanity Fair. However, it’s not mentioned that the article basically slams her, her family, and the other alleged Bling Ring members. Maybe she’s just excited about her picture.

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