Protest Of NYC "Rape Cop" Reportedly Lacked Pizazz


According to an article on Gothamist, the people who gathered yesterday to protest the acquittal of the former NYPD officers who were accused of raping a woman inside her East Village apartment in 2008 could’ve been jazzier:

If anyone looked uncomfortable, it was because of the heat: the protest itself was largely good-natured, if loud, and missing was a palpable sense of anger. Attendees proclaimed to be outraged, but it seemed a proper sort of outrage, a politely civic disapproval out of balance with the gravity of the events that precipitated it.

So basically, Gothamist would give this protest 2.5 stars. It seemed like the protesters were into it, which gave them a few points, but the outrage just didn’t seem to ‘read’ to them.

Maybe next time, more chairs could be thrown or I don’t know, something crazy like that. Just something that will make it look more like a ‘real’ protest and less of a “politely civic disapproval”. Because unless protesters are seen as overly emotional nutjobs, what’s the point?

But mostly, someone just needs to figure out how to keep these protesters focused on the task at hand, because man were they easily distracted by that heat!:

A small but loud brass band kept the crowd focused, playing renditions of different songs with their lyrics changed for the occasion, including Le Tigre’s “Deceptacon” with the words “Here’s to the man, the man, the man, the man / Here’s to the man and his misogynistic bullshit.” After a few middle fingers were thrown in the direction of the bemused and bored court employees, the crowd headed down Centre Street, back to their Memorial Day weekends.

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Yesterday’s Protest Of “Rape Cop” Acquittals Fails To Tap Rage [Gothamist]

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