Rangers’ Pitcher on Being Married to a Doctor: ‘She Loves How Dumb I Am’

Jordan Montgomery, a blissfully wedded himbo, has a great perspective on marrying up.

Rangers’ Pitcher on Being Married to a Doctor: ‘She Loves How Dumb I Am’
Photo:Ron Jenkins (Getty Images)

I’m going to be honest with you: I’m not one to follow baseball very closely. Fact-checkers could even say I don’t follow it at all. But when news crosses my desk that a hunky dude with a good beard is praising his smart, doctor wife? Put me in, coach!

On a live broadcast of the Foul Territory podcast, a show for real ball-heads I’m assuming, Texas Rangers’ pitcher Jordan Montgomery discussed his newlywed status with the hosts Erik Kratz and Scott Braun. “What has changed the most now that you’re a married man?” Kratz asked Montgomery, who got married to McKenzie Dirr, a dermatologist, in December 2022. “Nothing much man, she’s so busy, she’s a doctor so she’s in her first year of residency right now getting absolutely crushed by hours of work,” Montgomery responded. He then excitedly followed up, “She’s the best. I got myself a doctor, dude.”

One of the hosts then joked, “You married up” while the other sarcastically asked, “Do you guys not talk?” “We talk all of the time,” Montgomery said. “She loves how dumb I am, that’s what makes it work. I don’t know nothing she’s talking about.” How do I say this? I am happy for everyone involved—both complete strangers to me—in this marriage. Brains and brawn: A relationship that has it all!!

Yes, yes, Montgomery is obviously kidding around and I’m sure he’s smarter than he lets on (or maybe not! and honestly? jealous!!) but I’m happy to take a moment to celebrate this perfect himbo.

“She probably says, ‘man, that’s my big dumb idiot right there,” Montgomery said with a big dumb smile on his face. In March of this year, Montgomery shared a wedding photo of him and Dirr congratulating her on matching to Vanderbilt University for dermatology. Let us all at Jezebel congratulate her, too, for becoming a doctor (hard!) and marrying a man who recognizes that she is the smart one in the relationship (hot!)

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