Real Housewives Finale, Plus Sneak Peek At The Reunion Special


On last night’s season finale, the gals pulled off Jill’s “chahhh-ritty” event, so “kadoos” to them. “Kadoos” also to Jill’s friend who kept hitting on Kelly. After the jump, clips from the upcoming reunion special!

Did anyone else notice that Fatima—from Top Model cycle 10, who was circumcised as a young girl—was in the Moroccan fashion show that Bethenny hosted?

And we have many, many glasses of pinot gregio to thank for this awesomeness.

As with most of the Real Housewives franchise, the reunion special is always better than the whole season combined. Here are a few clips from the show, set to air next week. In this first one, Ramona (and her eyes) bugs out over blogs the cast had written.

In this one, the Countess goes on the attack regarding her marriage, while somehow never admitting that she’s actually getting a divorce.

Lastly, Kelly (sorta) explains her courtroom dramz.

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