Real Housewives: "I Think Ramona Is Insane"


On last night’s episode, Ramona’s Renewal struck again, as she alternated between accusations and comfort, enjoyed a photo op in Brooklyn, and then machinated a confrontation between Bethenny and Jill. She has found a hobby, and it is Hobby Gate.

But first thing first: The “Who farted?” convo might be one of my favorite in Real Housepets history.

So Ramona took Bethenny up on the invitation to walk into the wilds of Brooklyn. Perhaps drunk off the adrenaline incurred by such a daring adventure—or perhaps because she figured she might die once she entered the forbidden borough—Ramona decided to verbalize every wicked thought in her brain, which included accusations about Bethenny’s media-whoring, insults about Bethenny’s lack of friends and personal relationships, and predictions about Bethenny’s inevitable lonely future. With all of that out of the way, Ramona’s benevolence got the best of her, and she decided to help this poor loser.

I just love that Ramona’s logic about the ethics of this “ambush” was that if she told Jill what was happening, then Jill would never have allowed it. If the fight between Bethenny and Jill is supposed to be the centerpiece of the twisted dinner party that is this season, then Ramona is the bottomless bottle of Pinot Grigio that enables all of the drama at the table.

And LuAnn is the teapot teabagger.

Jill was pissed that Ramona tried to instigate an peace talks. She said that Ramona should “find another hobby.” In Jill speak, this is the worst thing a person can ever say to or about another person. She should be prepared for Ramona to never speak to her ever again.

In other news: Deep Thoughts by Kelly Bensimon.

For a model, it’s a total misconception. Everyone thinks like, ‘Oh, you’re so pretty, you have the world. You can do anything you want.’ But people don’t really acknowledge you. They’re like, ‘Yeah, she’s pretty.’ And they just move you aside.

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