Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Red Sauce And Period Blood


Last night, Bravo aired a series of preview clips of the upcoming season of RHNJ—which premieres May 3—and in one of them, Teresa explains why you’re not allowed to make tomato sauce when you have your period.

I’d never heard of this before, but apparently, “old school Italians” believe that “time of the month” could spoil tomatoes. So basically, you’re not allowed to make red sauce if your uterus is already making red sauce of its own.

Here, we have Teresa unintentionally doing her version of Brenda Dickson, where she literally starts out by saying, “Welcome to my home!” In this partial tour of the house where she and Juicy Joe make female babies and red sauce, we get to see all of her kitchen appliances, and her Gucci dishes.

In this last clip, Teresa is getting two of her daughters ready for their first day of school, while Juicy Joe—who supposedly will not stop impregnating his wife until he gets a son—is throwing away a pink and silver stuffed horse. Teresa says that if she does have a son, she will probably make him gay, but would enjoy going shopping with him.

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