Rebecca Taylor: For The Urban Romantic In Your Life


It was rainy at Lincoln Center, but inside the Rebecca Taylor show, it was all sunny 70s romance. Will we be at this haute-bohemian picnic, where someone’s rock star boyfriend surely whips out a guitar? No – but we wish!

Rebecca Taylor said this collection was “the modern juxtaposition between her bohemian roots and her love of what is slick and urban.” In other words, classic, pretty R.T.

Printed silk frocks are a Rebecca Taylor standard.

Using the term “wearable” to describe clothes seems risible — until you start seeing some of them. Then you appreciate those lines, like Taylor’s, that genuinely can translate to the street.

The “urban” elements were largely 70s in feel.

Bright color kept things from drifting into pure romance.

Taylor nodded to the season’s trends with, among other things, leopard and the ubiquitous soft trouser.

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