Report: Don Jr. Continues to Be a Sad, Sad Man 


A new profile of Donald Trump, Jr., written by Julia Ioffe in GQ, underscores what we have long known deeply in our hearts: That he is very dumb, and has spent his entire life trying in vain to make his sociopathic father love him, to the extent that he has transformed himself into a living, breathing white nationalist meme. This is, really, all there is to know about the president’s eldest son, and yet we never quite get tired of hearing about it, because he sucks in a very specific and fascinating way.

As we know from his Instagram, one thing Don Jr. really likes about himself is his interest in hunting and outdoor activities. This is reiterated in GQ, as Ioffe briefly examines the friendship between Don Jr. and Robert O’Neill, the former Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden (Don Jr. himself didn’t agree to be interviewed):

More than once during their time together, O’Neill says, Donald Trump Jr. called attention to the fact that he must come off like a walking contradiction. “You didn’t think the son of a billionaire would be a hunter,” he said again and again, according to O’Neill.

Yes, how unique.

The article also gets into that fateful meeting at Trump Tower with a group of Kremlin-tied Russians, framing it, once again, as something Don Jr. was simply too stupid to understand.

That meeting, which Don had hoped would prove useful, has since become as useful as a hole in the head. It is now a prime focus of the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller into potential collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.
“I think he regrets taking the meeting,” a source close to Don told me. “Does he regret it because he thinks he did something wrong? No. He regrets it because it ended up causing a situation that wasted a lot of time and money.”
The New York Times recently reported that Don also met with an Israeli and an emissary from two Arab princes seeking to help his father win the election.
“Maybe he’s not an intellectual, but he tried to be useful for his family,” the participant from the Russia meeting told me. “I feel bad for him, honestly.”

I, for one, do not.

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