Researchers Working Furiously To Conceive Male Birth Control


Male birth control, like the Arrested Development movie, keeps being dangled tantalizingly in front of American’s faces, just out of reach but reportedly on its way. In the past, male birth control choices have been limited- vasectomies (which are hurty) and condoms (which are for dirty sailors, at least according to your drunk grandma). In recent years, the call for a non-barrier, non permanent birth control method for men has intensified.

The latest big bankroll behind a possible male birth control pill is the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, which is sponsoring a conference in October during which researchers can present their alternative male birth control findings. A few are currently in development.

The most studied approach in the United States uses testosterone and progestin hormones, which signal the body to stop producing sperm, the Times said.
Another approach is a birth control pill that works for men.
A product called gamendazole, derived from an anti-cancer drug, prevents sperm cells from maturing, so you’re “making nonfunctional sperm,” said Gregory S. Kopf, associate vice chancellor for research administration at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Lawrence, Kan.

The fact that “gamendazole” sounds a lot like what the evil characters in Twin Peaks feed on notwithstanding, these sound like promising developments. Hopefully, in our lifetimes, we’ll witness the death of the “crazy lady lies about birth control and gets pregnant on purpose” meme.

Even if male birth control successfully makes it to pharmacies around the country, I’ll still probably insist on using my own birth control as well. I’d hate to have a guy who says he’s shooting blanks accidentally Brandon Lee my uterus.

Male contraceptives making headway [UPI]

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