Roseanne Barr Accused of Transphobia After Negative Tweet About Green Party Candidate Jill Stein


Presidential candidate Roseanne Barr (Jesus, typing that) has come under fire from the trans community after one of her Twitter followers referenced Jill Stein’s support for trans rights—”[Stein] is also in favour of letting men into spaces where little girls get changed”—Barr tweeted back: “If she has a penis, she is not allowed in.” After that received a fair amount of scrutiny from Twitters’ trans users (and calling one a “woman hater”), Barr pushed it further. “Women do not want your penises forced in their faces or in our private bathrooms. Respect that FACT.”

That’s when shit really hit the fan. One angry user Tweeted: @TheRealRoseanne, I’m extremely disgusted in your transphobic behaviour. I HAD a lot of respect for you. You are no ally.” And some of Barr’s tweets about the gay community do read a little off-center. “I remember when the LGBT community stopped supporting NAMBLA,” reads one. Another: “I was instrumental in forcing lgbts to dis include (sic) man boy love as part of their program.”

Barr has been a polarizing figure in feminism and entertainment for years; here’s the most telling aside in a 1995 profile of her by John Lahr for the New Yorker:

Despite her obvious intelligence and authority, there is something cadaverous about Roseanne, a deadness that only rage and laughter can banish. Something has been murdered in her, and this is palpable in the flatness of her voice, the slouch of her body, the quicksilver shifts of mood from bombast to gloom, the timidity and detachment behind her eyes.

In summation, Roseanne’s nuts! Ugh, sorry.

‘Roseanne Barr gets into a twitter fight over comments about transgendered people’ [ONTD]

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