RuPaul Deleted His Social Media

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RuPaul Deleted His Social Media

RuPaul has deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Was he hacked? Or is he just fed up with squandering his life in the quagmire of social media? Maybe both?

According to Page Six, fans noticed that individual posts were being deleted from his Instagram on Wednesday, leading them to speculate that he’d been hacked. They also noticed that Kameron Michaels of Drag Race season 10 also wiped his Instagram. Were they both hacked? Did they make a secret pact to cleanse their lives of the internet and then disappear into the vast wilderness of Canada, coincidentally at the same time as the premiere of Canada’s Drag Race?

It’s annoying that we’ve reached the point where deleting one’s social media presence is cause for concern, rather than a celebration of the victory that it is. It reminds me of when everyone lost their shit when Britney Spears shaved her head in 2007. It was widely accepted as a sign she’d lost her mind, when in fact her reasons for doing it were totally sound: “I’m sick of people touching my hair.” I would be too!

The world is an insane place, and sometimes drastic measures are the only reasonable response. May RuPaul find peace in deleting his social media, and spend more time in his garden or staring up at the ineffable night sky. I’m sure he’ll be back on by tomorrow anyway. [Page Six]

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