Sad! Donald Trump Is Not Welcome to Play Air Force One Score At Events


A whole slew of artists have taken issue with objectively horrible person Donald Trump playing their music at his events. Now he’s met with yet another conundrum: producers of the film Air Force One have asked him to cease and desist with using composer Jerry Goldsmith’s score.

As Vulture reports, Trumples has relied heavily upon this score, composed by the late Goldsmith, throughout his campaign. For instance, it accompanied his helicopter entrance to last week’s Republican National Convention. But producer Gail Katz explained to The Hollywood Reporter that Trump did not ask permission to use the music. Thus, she has sent a letter to the Trump campaign requesting that they no longer play it at events.

“The music for Air Force One was composed and conducted by the legendary Oscar-winning film composer Jerry Goldsmith,” Gatz’s letter reads, “Jerry’s music was hijacked in a misguided attempt to associate Trump with the film and the President in that film.”

Richard Kraft, the film music agent who represented Goldsmith for fifteen years, tells THR that the composer would not approve of his music being appropriated for Trump’s use.

“From everything I know about Jerry Goldsmith’s political views, he would have been extremely unhappy with Trump co-opting his art to sell his image,” Kraft said to THR. “Goldsmith composed the music to underscore a make-believe, heroic president in [Air Force One], not to help create a phony soundtrack for Trump. He would have been appalled to have his music selling a product he would greatly dislike.”

In light of the above, I would like to submit a compromise. Goldsmith also composed the score to Gremlins, creatures that seem to share a certain kinship with Trump (unless we’re talking about Gizmo, who is an adorable hero). And in fact, I think this music would capture the spirit of Trump’s campaign with far greater accuracy.

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