Sad Post-Election Rachel Maddow Finds Happiness in Butt


If you are an American who hates the wage gap, cares about women being allowed to make medical decisions about their own bodies and doesn’t want their state to be led by a man who believes that Duck Dynasty is God’s way of speaking to us, the 2014 midterm elections probably could have gone better for you.

Now that we’ve had a couple days to let the reality of the situation sink it, some of you may be holding on to that last shred of optimism, while others are looking into Canadian citizenship. For the latter, please allow Rachel Maddow to help you feel just a little bit better about things.

I enjoy Rachel Maddow for many reasons, but my favorite thing about her is how she reads the news like she’s telling you a bedtime story. Wednesday night on her show, Maddow reported on the silver linings of this election which ranged from the legalization of marijuana in Alaska and Oregon to the fact that Scott Brown lost.

However, my favorite story was a rather delightful tale about a man named Tom Butt and his $45,000 in campaign funds beating the Chevron Corporation and their $3 million attempt at buying seats in Richmond, CA. Also, the Mayor of Richmond is now named Tom Butt.

So gather round and let Mother Goose Maddow relay to you the small but important victories from the nightmare that was the 2014 midterm elections .

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