Same Sex Marriage Ban To Appear on Minnesota Ballot


The Minnesota House of Representatives voted to send a constitutional same-sex marriage ban to the 2012 ballot on Saturday.

Not only does this place the epic bromance between Minnesota Twins Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau in legal jeopardy, it sets up another situation where the majority gets to determine the rights of the minority based on what the majority may find icky, which is never a good idea. I’m going to introduce a constitutional amendment in Illinois that dictates that everyone named Matt is legally required to clean people’s garages for free during the month of April. I’m also going to attempt to ban things that I wouldn’t do, sexually, and thus threesomes involving two women and one man should be outlawed.

What are people afraid of? Are they so gay yet law abiding that they fear that the only thing standing between universal gay marriage and the present is a law making gay marriage illegal? Are they assuming that everyone in the world is just chomping at the bit to gay marry each other? If gay marriage were legal, it would change absolutely nothing about the fact straight people are straight and gay people are gay.

But yeah, Minnesota lawmakers, you keep focusing on what’s important in those adorable accents of yours.

House Sends Same-Sex Marriage Ban to 2012 Ballot [MPR]

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